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With all the rain of the past few weeks it seems like we’re headed for a wetter-than-normal summer. At least that’s what The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted. And as everything seems bigger in Texas, in the summer, that means loud expressive thunder and lightning storms that sometimes bring about power outages. While no one wishes for this to happen, being prepared is the best way to manage the situation. That’s why The Howard Hughes Corporation is offering an incentive to assist new homebuyers with that preparedness. Homebuyers purchasing a home in the month of June in either of its two Houston communities, Bridgeland, the #1-selling community in Texas located in Cypress, and The Woodlands Hills, the award-winning community located 13 miles north of The Woodlands in Conroe and Willis will receive a complimentary automatic battery powered generator, the Bronco Power Boost.

“Our Battery Backup Home Sale Incentive not only provides families, first-time buyers or those looking to downsize or upgrade their new home with the best residential experience in Texas, but it also provides a thank you to those we welcome to our communities with a state-of-the-art and highly sought-after generator,” Heath Melton, Executive Vice President of Master Planned Communities, Residential, for The Howard Hughes Corporation said. “The Bronco Power Boost will come pre-installed in homes for those that take advantage of a great time to buy a new home in Bridgeland or The Woodlands Hills.”

It’s an eco-friendly and environmentally safe solution for those looking to protect against loss of power. When the power goes out, it turns on automatically – without any noticeable interruption of service. You might not even realize you’ve lost power! When power returns, the unit shuts off and begins recharging.

Losing power can be stressful. No lights and no Wi-Fi can make working from home tricky, not to mention, what’s a kid to do without access to the internet or streaming services? And the need to replace the contents of your refrigerator can be quite costly. The battery powered generator can be configured to power six circuits such as your refrigerator, lights, garage door and security system, electric for charging for phones and computers and even the Wi-Fi, all the essentials to keep Bridgeland and Woodlands Hills homeowners up and running for 20 continuous hours. Homeowners will have the option to add a solar panel kit, at an additional cost. Harnessing solar energy can help manage through extended outages, if and when they occur.

Retailing for $5,900, the Bronco Power Boost generator offers additional benefits to keeping the lights on. Measuring 16 X 31 inches, it’s installed near your electrical panel making it space saving too. With generators that require gas, there is always a concern of carbon monoxide, but with the Bronco Power Boost, that worry is eliminated. It runs quietly not generating any annoying noise for you or your neighbor. All of this adds up to a great incentive to purchase your new home.

Bridgeland offers homeowners top-rated schools, opportunities for shopping, dining and worship and a plethora of world-class amenities, such as Josey Lake and Dragonfly Park and a large number of outdoor parks and facilities that will continue to grow with the addition of Prairieland Village. The first homesites are now available in the community’s third of four villages with a grand opening event being planned for the spring of 2022 once model homes are complete. Prior to that, interested buyers may meet with builders in the model home park located in Parkland Village to view home options for both Prairieland Village and Parkland Village.

Top-rated builders in Bridgeland and The Woodlands Hills offer modern designs in the beauty of natural settings. Including a Bronco Power Boost generator alongside thoughtfully designed amenities, sustainability elements and cultural connectivity, new homebuyers can include peace of mind to the list of reasons to purchase a home in either of these award-winning communities. Visit our gorgeous model homes to find your perfect home in Bridgeland or the Woodlands Hills. More information about Bronco Power Boost generators can be found at