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The goal of providing ways for people to engage with nature for a healthier lifestyle truly comes to life through Josey Lake. It’s more than an amenity and the reason why The Howard Hughes Corporation and Bridgeland, the number #1 selling master planned community in Texas, was awarded the People’s Choice Award from the Houston District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI-Houston) at the Development of Distinction award ceremony held on April 28, 2021. ULI is the oldest network of real estate and land use experts in the world that aims to set standards of excellence in development practice. Receiving the most votes of any project in the history of the awards, The People’s Choice Award acknowledges the attention to detail in the design and implementation of Bridgeland’s extensive 140-acre waterway.

The Josey Lake project was cited as being at the forefront of design, going above and beyond minimum requirements, making it worthy of emulation within the residential development industry. Bridgeland’s centerpiece received high rankings across the categories of design construction, economic viability, healthy places, marketing and management, and upholding ULI’s mission of shaping the future of the built environment to inspire and transform communities. To recognize The Howard Hughes Corporation’s excellence in placemaking, the judges were compelled– for the first time in seven years – to create an additional award and presented The Howard Hughes Corporation with the inaugural Vanguard Award.

“We are especially proud of these awards from ULI-Houston as they directly relate to the vision for  Bridgeland and Howard Hughes, including innovative environmental design, sustainability and resiliency, and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle among our residents,” said Heath Melton, Executive Vice President of MPC Residential for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “Josey Lake is the crown jewel in Bridgeland’s lake system and a popular gathering place for outdoor activities as well as a home to flora and fauna found in the area. We are honored to be acknowledged for our attention to thoughtful integration of native ecosystems alongside residential development that allows both nature and community to thrive in harmony.”

On any given day, you will find a flurry of activity along Bridgeland’s favorite outdoor space. The world-class amenity offers residents a boat house and kayaks, a birding tower with binoculars for viewing wildlife, and several open lawn spaces for activities like yoga or a music fest. A children’s playground is positioned alongside the lake with apparatuses for a variety of age groups, and even a sculptural misting ground to cool you down.

Bridgeland Josey Lake Sunset

The creation of Josey Lake offers residents a plethora of activities while also providing numerous other benefits, perhaps not so easily seen. Already proven as an effective stormwater detention system, the blueprint of the lake transformed what is typically designed for infrastructure and turned it into a highly sustainable water source for common areas, reducing long-term maintenance costs. Carefully selected plantings along the water’s edge serve to filter rainwater runoff for cleaner water quality while also serving as a food source and sanctuary for native and visiting wildlife. The inclusion of interpretive panels educating on the flora and fauna that contribute to healthy ecosystems add an educational element to the design of the lake.

All of this, in one amazing amenity. It’s no wonder it’s being called the crown jewel of Bridgeland. The ULI-Houston People’s Choice Award and the Vanguard Award are tributes to the masterful design of Josey Lake. When the length of the waterway expands as development continues into Prairieland, residents will have even more opportunities to enjoy its benefits, especially the serenity of being at one with nature.