Inspiring the Next Generation

Bridgeland is ideally placed for the start of a child’s school career, as well as continued education far beyond the last day of high school, with a wealth of educational opportunities just minutes away.

Five independent charter schools are nearby and there are 13 private schools — including three high school campuses — within a 10-mile radius of the community. Even nearer are three public Cypress-Fairbanks schools located across the street from Bridgeland’s main entrance. Higher education campuses also are nearby, with Lone Star College just a few miles away. Plus, the Houston area boasts 15 four-year universities and several vocational colleges — including DeVry University just 10 miles southeast of Bridgeland.

While these schools are easily accessible to Bridgeland residents, the development’s master plan calls for even greater community access, with space dedicated to schools within the community. The first of six planned on-site elementaries opened in August 2013, part of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. Additionally, two middle schools and one high school are planned for Bridgeland, which is also served by Katy and Waller school districts.

But Bridgeland’s educational landscape will encompass more than just public schools. Already, special-interest classes are held at the Lakeland Activity Center for people of all ages, and, as Bridgeland matures, private pre-school and childcare facilities will open within the community. Consideration also has been given to special-needs students, with potential programs being identified.

Bridgeland was one of the first entities to partner with the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation in its endowment program, pledging funds to establish scholarships for Bridgeland students graduating from Cypress-Fairbanks ISD schools. Bridgeland entered a similar arrangement with the Lone Star College Foundation for scholarships to Bridgeland students attending a school in the Lone Star College System.