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Bridgeland Celebration Park in Parkland Square

Wide Open Spaces

Did you know that most communities have power lines along thoroughfares that can obstruct views? In Bridgeland, nearly all power lines are buried so you can enjoy the vast greenery, parks, lakes and trails.

28% of Bridgeland is dedicated to open space, more than any surrounding community.

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An Education System Fit For All

Top-performing schools on-site? Check.
Residents have access to a diverse range of educational opportunities for all stages of life, including:

  • Preschools
  • Leading public and private schools
  • Continuing education for lifelong learning
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Bridgeland Couple Laughing in Celebration Park

Steady Growth For Years To Come

Many communities are nearing completion with limited inventory, but we have a full array of offerings now and for years to come, with plans to:

• Add nearly 10,000 single-family homes
• Introduce new multifamily and commercial offerings
• Add more on-site schools
• Build two additional village amenity centers
• Build 925-acre Bridgeland Central (town center)

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