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You only need to trek as far as Lakeland Village Center to enjoy the flavors of true Swiss cuisine. Co-owners Markus Klauser and William Payne are readying their restaurant, Edelweiss Stube, the first of its kind in the Greater Houston area, for its grand opening expected to take place in April.

Foodies who have been anxiously waiting for the restaurant to open should ready their tastebuds, because they’ll soon be able to enjoy a unique dining experience at Bridgeland’s Lakeland Village Center. Guests will be able to enjoy authentic Swiss dishes prepared by Klauser. He learned the distinctive traits of preparing swiss delicacies first-hand growing up in Switzerland, from a hometown restaurant owned by his aunt’s family. While Klauser manages the kitchen as head chef, Payne will be managing the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. Together they’re bringing favorite culinary delights and the essence of Swiss culture to the dining experience at Edelweiss Stube.


Stepping inside the restaurant is like stepping into a European mountain lodge. The atmosphere created by the interior design and solid wooden tables is sure to make diners feel warm and welcome. Naming the restaurant after the snow-white flower that grows in high altitudes – and is Switzerland’s national flower – is an indication of the traditional cuisine diners will be able to experience.

At Edelweiss, as with much of European dining, the experience the owners wish you to have is centered around relaxation. Sitting down to dinner with family and friends, and sharing your time, stories of the day, and even some of the sharable dishes – such as raclette – make dining at Edelweiss an event.

Raclette will be the restaurant’s hallmark dish. It’s actually a French word that means to scrape. At tableside, diners will enjoy the heated cheese wheel, which is then scraped and added to all kinds of dishes from meat to pasta to vegetables. It’s touches like this that add to the atmosphere the owners are creating, making your dining experience more of an occasion, rather than just a meal.

Klauser and Payne chose Bridgeland to open Edelweiss because both owners live nearby and are aware of the diverse culture in Cypress and rapidly expanding neighborhood. The idea of bringing people together to experience a bit of Swiss culture married well with Bridgeland’s concept of linking people with nature.

Klauser will recreate dishes from his Swiss heritage including crowd pleasers, such as Älplermagronen, with layers of pasta and potato topped with onion in a creamy cheese sauce and served with applesauce; and Zürcher Geschnetzeltes mit Rösti, a veal dish with mushrooms in house-made gravy, served with the Swiss equivalent of hash browns.

Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the names of the dishes, the traditional meals will melt in your mouth and have your taste buds thinking you’re dining in the Swiss Alps.

In addition to Edelweiss Stube, Local Table and other establishments are slated to open soon in Bridgeland’s Lakeland Village Center. Area residents will be able to choose from an array of cultural and flavorful delights, as diverse as the population.


Clink your glasses with family and friends toasting Prost! and Sante! Relax as you truly enjoy your meal at Edelweiss Stube located at 10611 Fry Rd. Swiss cuisine and culture will be served up six days a week: Tuesday through Thursday 10 am – 11pm, and Friday – Sunday from 11 am – 11 pm.