Village Life

Find a Life of Luxury in Bridgeland

There will be four distinct villages within Bridgeland: Lakeland Village, Parkland Village, Prairieland Village and Creekland Village. Each will help to define the community’s land plan and offer residents easy access to parks and trails, playgrounds, pool complexes, schools, shopping, employment establishments and places of worship.

All of the villages will offer a wide range of housing options, from conventional styles to custom designs. The first quarter to open, Lakeland Village, currently has available homes and lots in its Hidden Creek and Lakeland Heights communities.

Hidden Creek features homes from nine different builders, with product starting at $300,000 and exceeding $1 million.

Lakeland Heights, our walkable, Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), offers homes from three different builders that start at $250,000.

A new garden in front of the entryway for Parkland Village, a neighborhood in Bridgeland.
Parkland Village

Parkland Village is the next chapter in the story Bridgeland has been creating since 2006 and the highly-anticipated addition is now open.

An aerial view of a bridge and homes in Lakeland Heights, a village in Bridgeland in Cypress, Texas.
Lakeland Village

Since opening in 2006, Lakeland Village has welcomed more than 2,000 families to the community that was inspired by lakes and open space.

With open spaces and familiar faces, you’ll feel more
connected in Bridgeland.