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Getting to view a dramatic sunrise or sunset is a collective experience we share living in northwest Houston. The vibrant colors capture our attention, as hues shift from moment to moment, captivating us at the start and close of each day. No matter where you are, no matter how old you are, it never gets tiresome. At the entrance to Prairieland Village, Bridgeland’s community on the west side of Grand Parkway, an art installation is taking place which pays homage to the sun’s cyclical movement.

Named Rising Knoll, the piece is commissioned by artist Konstantin Dimopoulos. The 24-foot-tall sculpture will complement its sister installation, Windgrass, also designed by Dimopoulos, which graces the entrance to Bridgeland on the east side of Grand Parkway.

“We wanted a definitive piece of art to welcome residents and visitors to Prairieland Village, and our thoughts kept coming back to Konstantin,” said Health Melton, a Regional President for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “The existing artwork he has created for Bridgeland is not only breathtaking and distinct, it also poignantly reflects the community’s symbiotic relationship with the area’s native landscape. Konstantin has an innate understanding of the integration of the community into its natural setting.”

Dimopoulos uses his art like a type of visual language, inviting the viewer to be more mindful of their environment. Using red and orange rods, similar to those used in Windgrass, his design emulates the rising and setting sun. Positioned along the entry monument to Prairieland Village, the colors of the two, offset curved forms will appear to shift with changing daylight and illumination at night. The fluctuations in light bring a metamorphosis, of sorts, to emphasize lighter reds and oranges featured on the sculpture’s east side and darker hues on the west side. By creating a sense of movement, Rising Knoll invites us to recognize the relationship between the new village and the surrounding Katie Prairie ecosystem.

“I first welcomed the opportunity to create a sense of balance and harmony with Windgrass, and am pleased to now create something wholly unique with Rising Knoll,” said Dimopoulos. “The interaction of the piece with the surrounding environment adds a broader perspective that elevates it above its materials, creating a distinct symbiosis between art and nature.”

Throughout Prairieland Village, its master plan incorporates innovative design, environmental sustainability, and community engagement, offering residents an array of ways to interact with nature.

Longwing Landing, the village park and amenity center will serve as the centerpiece of the community. Inspired by the butterfly, design elements will carry the pollinator’s motif and colors, such as the custom butterfly sculpture that will overlook Caterpillar Lake. The neighborhood will also feature a botanical garden with native plantings to encourage pollinators and provide habitat for native dwellers. Like Rising Knoll, these elements will also serve to heighten our appreciation for the surrounding environment. Information on Prairieland Village’s grand opening, planned for this May, will be announced in the coming weeks. The celebration will highlight how the new village’s art, world-class amenities and sustainable features are bound together, creating a community that’s painted by nature.