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Bridgeland’s skyline got an upgrade of sorts with the completion of the community’s second water tower. The new structure which took approximately 300 days to build is now clearly visible when you glance northward toward Mason Rd. Located near Bridgeland’s multifamily development Lakeside Row The Residences, the massive cylinder stands 170 feet high and is 70 feet in diameter. To help you put its size into perspective, as it may not seem very large when peering up at it from the ground, it’s 10 feet taller than the length of an NFL football field and about as wide as five Volkswagen Beetles, according to the website,!

Sporting the colors of orange and blue, The Howard Hughes Corporation worked with Cy-Fair ISD to obtain a license agreement in order to emblazon the logos of the Bridgeland Bears on the community’s new water tower. Bridgeland is home to some of the highest rated schools in the state of Texas by the Texas Education Agency, and this is one way to emphasize the comradery within our community and build morale within our schools.

“We are very proud to be able to honor our students and educators at Bridgeland High School with the iconic water tower logos, letting people know from miles away that this is the Home of the Bridgeland Bears,” said Heath Melton, Executive Vice President, MPC Residential for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “This beacon of school spirit will be loved for generations to come as the community continues to grow.”

There is much to celebrate in Bear country as several of our high school sport teams earned district titles. Teams included in the lengthy list of district champions are football, girls volleyball, boys and girls cross-country, team tennis, girls and boys swimming, boys and girls track, girls soccer, baseball, and girls golf. An impressive list considering the school is four years young. Being part of a team, be it athletic or academic, takes hard work, dedication, and a desire to succeed. Our water tower also serves as a reminder of these tenets while showing our community’s support for all things Bears.

A modern water tower’s purpose to provide water pressure by harnessing the force of gravity to pump its precious contents has remained the same since the mid 1800s. Bridgeland’s water tower is a modern shape known as a Composite Elevated Storage tank or CET. It’s made of reinforced concrete and welded steel making it strong, durable and long lasting. It’s cost efficient too, with less surface area requiring regular painting. For anyone wanting to know how much water is in the tank, the new water tower holds an astonishing 1,000,000 gallons of water! For reference, it takes 660,000 gallons to fill one Olympic-size swimming pool.

Estimated to come online in July, it will service approximately 5,000 homes. In the future, a third water tower will be built on the west side of Grand Parkway to service homes in Prairieland and future Creekland.