A winding ramp leads up to a birding tower in Bridgeland.

Something New

With more than 3,000 acres dedicated to lakes, trails and parks, Bridgeland seamlessly blends nature into residents’ daily lives. Our community offers an unrivaled balance: the tranquility of a seemingly untouched natural environment and the convenience of modern facilities and amenities.

  • 250 Miles of Trails
  • 900 Acres of Lakes & Waterways
  • Junior Olympic Pool

Featured This Month

Treehouse Park

One of the most adventurous elements in Hidden Creek is Treehouse Park. This beautiful area features a two-story treehouse nestled among live oaks that date back to the property’s early rice farming days.

Adjacent to the custom-built piece, a boardwalk hovers over an old creek bed and a decomposed granite pathway winds through the wooded area nearby. 

Popular Spots


Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites will be held at Bridgeland’s Lakeland Village Center on the second Friday of every month.