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Earth Day is coming soon, and for us, it’s more than just a date on the calendar. We love celebrating our planet every day. From the beginning, Bridgeland has incorporated beautiful, sustainable landscapes and eco-friendly practices, helping us lead the way in master planned community design. Learn how we made sustainable design a priority in our community below!

Sustainable Landscapes

In Bridgeland, we love connecting our residents to nature in unique and eco-friendly ways. Soon, Parkland Square will be the first neighborhood in Bridgeland to utilize rain gardens; in fact, it will host 11 of them. So, what are rain gardens? We’re glad you asked. Rain gardens collect storm runoff, filter out pollutants (first flush), and funnel the water back into the ecosystem. The plants within the rain garden feed on the nutrients the soil captures. The water left in the soil continues to be used by the plants, limiting the need for irrigation. It is a beautiful, amazing and natural circle of life right in your community.

Builder Efficiencies

Beyond our beautiful landscapes, the homes in Bridgeland are also built with the earth in mind. Many of the builders in Bridgeland use LED lighting, low-E energy-efficient windows, radiant barrier roof decking, tankless water heaters offered as an option, low VOC paint and other interior building materials (which are volatile organic compounds – solvents that get released into the air as the paint dries), and more to help lower residents’ carbon footprints and promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle, because taking care of the environment shouldn’t end when you walk through your front door.

The Purple Pipe System

The integration of sustainable infrastructure was a major consideration when planning our community. Part of our plans include the Purple Pipe and Water Reuse System – which is a fancy word for a really neat process. The purple pipe system pulls water from the lakes in our community and uses that water to irrigate common green areas like parks, esplanades and our disc golf course. It’s the most sustainable way to irrigate, since no potable water is used. Pretty cool, huh?

Nature is a key part of our community and inspires how we design every element of Bridgeland.

From a sustainable irrigation system to rain gardens and more, we’re thrilled to continue to create a place where people and nature come together on Earth Day and every other day.