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Each new park that’s unveiled in Parkland Village brings more innovation and creativity to the village’s theme of living life within a park. The most recently completed park in Parkland Square is no exception. Celebration Park is the centerpiece of Parkland Village’s first traditional neighborhood.

The walkable neighborhood with well-connected streets and pathways provides residents access to this charming park from multiple locations. The park connects residents as a central public space and is already humming with social activity. The pathway trails that lead to Celebration Park also connect to the expansive trail system within Bridgeland.

Bridgeland Celebration Park

The focal point of the park is a modified barn pavilion. Complimenting the modern architecture of Parkland Village, it will provide a social space for outdoor group engagements. Inside the pavilion, residents will find a group dining table and outdoor living furniture. The pavilion comes complete with a gas grill, sinks and countertops for large gatherings. 

Surrounding the pavilion is a playground with a variety of traditional play structures to captivate a range of children. Lawn games and table games encourage impromptu competitive play while little ones can slip down a wide slide with friends or climb up a wall that’s just the right size. A seesaw is another element that punctuates the traditional nature of the neighborhood. Adult swings give grown-ups a chance to observe the activity taking place in the park and hammocks provide a place for reclining under the shade of trees. Seating logs present an opportunity for story time.

Bridgeland Celebration Park
Bridgeland Celebration Park

Because there is something for everyone in the family, you can bring your four-legged friend to the fenced dog park to play fetch or romp with other dogs. Installed with artificial turf, the dog park and portions of the playground will require little maintenance.

New features have been introduced in this park, some for the first time in a residential setting in the Greater Houston area. Premiering in Parkland Square, 11 rain gardens are woven into the street design. Planted with native plants and trees, they filter rainwater run-off from pavement and parking spaces, providing cleaner water to nearby lakes and creeks. Rain gardens lessen the requirements for water treatment and the need for water and chemical maintenance of the surrounding landscape.

Adding an educational component to the community, residents will find informational panels strategically placed near rain gardens that inform about how they work. Having a better understanding of sustainability practices helps residents to better appreciate the ecological plan for the neighborhood in which they live. Rain gardens will provide educational benefits to area students through regular water sampling, showing how ecosystems can benefit from sustainable practices.

Linear green areas surrounding the park are an extension of the park space, as well as an extension of front porches. The streetscape encourages residents to enjoy time outdoors. The neighborhood provides moveable outdoor lawn tables and chairs, so residents can organically congregate for informal gatherings.

Another unique feature of this neighborhood park is the planting of fruit trees. Homeowners and wildlife will benefit from the citrus, pear, and peach trees planted throughout the community. Residents will be able to pick a piece of fruit while going for a stroll, or sit at one of the tables that line the linear park, while enjoying a healthy snack.

Residents of all ages are already enjoying this special outdoor amenity in Parkland Village. Celebration Park, with all of its ecologically friendly and sustainable features seeks to be a regional model for future development.