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When Jeanine and Jose Lozano read a newspaper article about Bridgeland over breakfast in 2009, they never imagined that 12 years later, they would be on their third home in what has become their dream community. The Lozanos are one of many families who have purchased multiple homes in Bridgeland since the community opened nearly 15 years ago.

In 2009, the Lozanos found themselves between homes, living in an apartment with two kids, and actively house hunting in the city.

“Nothing we looked at in town excited us,” said Jeanine. “On a whim, we decided to look at Bridgeland. Cute herons were flying overhead, and there were gorgeous lakes and views everywhere.”

Jose knew instantly for Jeanine there was no going back. With their apartment lease expiring soon, they looked at spec homes, chose one, and closed in a couple of days.

Bridgeland was ideal for their young, growing family, which now numbers five. They were out in nature, but not in the country. It was a different environment they didn’t even know they craved.

“In the city, there was no sense of community. We didn’t know our neighbors. As soon as we moved to Bridgeland, we met everyone on the street,” said Jeanine.

By 2013, the Lozanos had set down roots but wanted a bigger backyard, a pool, lake lot, and a larger, more custom home, so they built their second home in Bridgeland.

And the third home? Jeanine laughs, “Bridgeland keeps offering more and better options we can’t resist!”

“We wanted a bigger lot in a gated section and a fully custom home,” said Jose. “We looked in other communities but didn’t want to leave Bridgeland.”

To prepare for the third move in 2021, Jose drove around Bridgeland during conference calls scoping out lots before they were even available for purchase. When he spotted the exact lot he wanted, Jose researched who would be the builder for it. Then Jose contacted the builder, who had not even been told yet that the lot had been assigned to him! Surprise!

The Lozanos have started a trend. Neighbors from their previous street are following them, building right down the block.

“During the time we’ve lived in Bridgeland, our neighbors have become family. Our kids have grown up together. We even vacation together,” said Jose.

The Lozanos have three kids, a daughter at Baylor and two sons who attend Pope Elementary and Smith Middle School. The schools are one of the main reasons the Lozanos live in Bridgeland and not just because of the educational excellence. Their youngest has Type One Diabetes, and Jeanine refused to move anywhere that he would not be zoned to Pope. Pope’s nurse, Mary Caldwell, the principal, and staff have been instrumental in helping to manage their son’s condition.

When the Lozano’s are not enjoying their incredible backyard, featuring an outdoor kitchen, putt-putt course, and lake access, they participate in Bridgeland’s BBQ cook-offs and fishing tournaments, which Jeanine points out are passion projects produced by residents. The boys are involved in community sports almost every night.

What has surprised them most about life in Bridgeland? “That we’re still here, that we bought three homes in Bridgeland!” said Jose. “I work downtown, but once you see what life is like in Bridgeland, it’s worth every moment.”