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Ten! You read that correctly, ten new places to explore in Bridgeland. With 6 of these parks coming to Parkland Village, where life is like living in a park, it brings the number of parks in Bridgeland to over 60! Included in the list is a brand new amenity center in Prairieland Village, an updated fitness center in Lakeland Village, and the Josey Lake extension. It’s easy to see why Bridgeland is annually ranked as one of the top-selling communities in the country. Let’s take a tour of some of the new spots recently installed or coming your way soon.


Beginning in Parkland Village in the neighborhood of San Angelo, this park features structures that invite imagination. Try out the seesaw to get that feeling of flying or maybe the saucer-shaped swing will take you to outer space. The large climbing structure resembles a treehouse, or is it an inchworm? Maybe it’s an alien creature with many eyes. No matter where creativity takes you, the park will test your child’s agility and balance.

San Angelo Park

The final park along the Parkland Common linear trail system opened recently. Designed with exercise in mind, you’ll find open space with berms for running and training and a small deck for stretching and yoga. The permeable parking lot located off Roaming Bison Trail is made of rocks, so that pollutants and debris are filtered through, before the water travels to the storm drains and lake system.

Parkland Common Workout Park Bridgeland
Parkland Common

Prairieland Village’s first park, Papillon Park, was recently completed and is now open to residents for play. Full of color, it will consist of a pavilion with picnic tables, playground with rubberized surface and synthetic turf, open space, and access to Chrysalis Lake and the neighboring lake trail. The park will have butterfly-themed play equipment, slides, swings, and climbing hills to attract your child, and a butterfly garden to attract some colorful pollinators.

Papillon Park

If you haven’t been there yet, you might want to check out the new fitness center at Lakeland Activity Center. The newly constructed space is separate from the activity center. It features a vaulted ceiling and large floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides so you can work out with a view. You’ll find exercise equipment and free weights to tone every muscle group. The original structure is undergoing a renovation and upon completion will offer residents an event hall, meeting rooms, conference room and a recreational room with games and activities.

Bridgeland Fitness Center at Lakeland Activity Center
Fitness Center at Lakeland Activity Center


Two parks currently under construction in Parkland Village each offer something special. Falcon Park located within the Falcon neighborhood is illuminated at night so the fun can continue after the sun goes down. This neighborhood park has lots of amenities to keep everyone engaged: an open-air pavilion, gaming area with table tennis, cornhole, foosball, and a traditional style playground. Canyon Crossing Park located within Colorado Bend and just steps from McGown Elementary will have a modern-design playscape with a shade structure. The park offers a play area with an ADA spinner and accessibility.

Falcon Park
Canyon Crossing Park

Construction will start soon on Summer Camp Park, located in the neighborhood of Big Bend Ranch, also in Parkland Village. This neighborhood park will feature a custom pavilion and picnic area with additional lounging chairs. Children of varying ages will delight in exploring play structures, slides and an interactive climbing hill. Spinners that can accommodate the transfer of a wheelchair are also available at this park.

Summer Camp Park

Two larger parks estimated for a summer 2023 completion are Adventurous Park in Parkland Row and Longwing Landing, Prairieland’s butterfly-themed park and amenity centerpiece. Adventurous Park will mimic the feel of Parkland Square’s Celebration Park, providing residents with many amenities in a centralized space, including a grilling area and a dog park.

Adventure Park

Occupying 4.5 acres in Prairieland Village, Longwing Landing will provide residents with unique recreational opportunities both inside and out. From an event hall and flex space inside to outdoor gathering spaces including picnic areas, event lawn, water features, a pool inspired by the butterfly and a playground inspired by the caterpillar, Longwing Landing will offer numerous opportunities for family, friends and neighbors to engage with each other and the great outdoors. Walking paths will connect to the rest of the community’s pedestrian-friendly, bikeable pathways. Look for more information on the extraordinary features of this one-of-a-kind amenity, coming soon!

Longwing Landing Prairieland Village
Longwing Landing Prairieland Village

An extension to one of Bridgeland’s favorite outdoor spaces is also underway. With its connections to multiple trail systems that will eventually connect to all four villages, 140-acre Josey Lake will continue westward toward Grand Parkway, creating a corridor to Bridgeland Central. The project will continue to incorporate what we love most about the amenity: meadow-like plantings, open lawn spaces, forested areas that create natural ecosystems for wildlife, scenic views around every turn, and multiple park spaces. An approach wall with a larger-than-life graphic of a wildflower meadow will capture our attention while highlighting Bridgeland’s natural amenities. More details will follow as this amenity nears completion.

With forward-thinking, planning and design, The Howard Hughes Corporation continues to invent new ways for residents to engage with each other. From trails, waterways, parks and signature elements, the Bridgeland community is rich with amenities and trails to explore. Lace up your sneakers, hop on your bicycle and hit the trails to check out some of these exciting new outdoor spaces.

Josey Lake Extension