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Bridgeland Future Map

Within each of Bridgeland’s four villages will be a shopping hub with its own unique character and charm providing convenient shopping, dining and an abundance of other services to the 65,000 residents that will eventually call our community home.

Bridgeland is the award-winning leading master planned community in northwest Houston. Occupying 11,400 acres, Bridgeland is home to approximately 11,000 residents. Upon completion, a population of 65,000 will live in approximately 20,000 homes in the community.

Bridgeland’s home sales continue to increase year over year. Along with accelerated growth comes a necessity for quality retailers, restaurants and entertainment options as well as professional and medical services to serve the rapidly expanding area.

Lakeland Village, anchored by CVS pharmacy®, is a lively village center offering residents a variety of places to shop, dine, play and access professional services.

Parkland Village Center will be next on the horizon. This commercial development is close to major thoroughfares and schools.

Featured Commercial Opportunities