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With the explosion of growth and emerging new developments, it is more important than ever for Bridgeland to be able to set itself apart as a preeminent master planned community (MPC). A recently released report from RCLCO, a nationally recognized consulting firm that evaluates real estate, lists two of Howard Hughes Holdings Inc. communities within the top five. In Northwest Houston, Bridgeland attained the fifth place ranking for the first time since inception, and Summerlin in Las Vegas, Nevada, captured the fourth place ranking.

“The inclusion of two Howard Hughes communities, Summerlin and Bridgeland, in the top five on RCLCO’s 2023 national list of best-selling master planned communities demonstrates the record-breaking momentum of new home sales across our national portfolio,” said David R. O’Reilly, Chief Executive Officer for Howard Hughes. “In 2023, Howard Hughes communities experienced a 113% year-over-year increase in new home sales, and a 43% year-over-year increase in land sales. These numbers, and the recent RCLCO rankings, illustrate the strong demand for the high-quality and amenity-rich lifestyle of our communities that are attracting today’s top talent and the companies that are relocating to capitalize on a highly sought-after workforce and business-friendly environment.”

These rankings are significant as Bridgeland achieved record sales in 2023 for its 17-year history, selling 985 homes and representing a 74% increase from the prior year. The rankings also place the community in the #2 spot for sales in Texas, and that’s certainly something to cheer about. In Las Vegas, Summerlin reported selling 1,090 new homes in 2023. Now in its 34th year, Summerlin has appeared within the top 25 on RCLCO’s yearly reports an impressive 27 times, more than any other MPC in the nation.

Bridgeland's Sheldon Lake Park

“Bridgeland has entered a dynamic new chapter of growth and expansion, starting with Chevron’s acquisition of over 77 acres in Bridgeland Central—marking a pivotal moment as the community enters its next phase of development as both a sought-after residential community and leading job center for the region,” said Jim Carman, President of the Houston Region for Howard Hughes. “With the commercial development of Bridgeland Central, the community’s emerging 925-acre downtown, Bridgeland is positioned to transform the Northwest Houston region, attracting businesses and their target employees who want to live and work in a community that offers an exceptional quality of life, abundant amenities, and housing options to meet growing demand.”

Homebuyers are seeking places that offer a sense of community and connection with extras that are more than a park and a pool. Communities designed by Howard Hughes, such as Bridgeland provide world-class amenities and creative spaces that are resilient, regenerative, and sustainable, promoting the well-being of all that live here. Residents know that having easy access to outdoor amenities to spend time together with friends and family makes every day special. Our team knows that creating spaces for people to live where nature is infused with development makes life more relaxing, more enjoyable and more fulfilling, and that results in extraordinary record home sales, as seen in 2023.

Bridgeland Longwing Landing in Prairieland Village

Along with the recent  opening of Bridgeland’s fourth village Creekland Village, on the horizon is the continued development of Bridgeland’s hub of commerce, Bridgeland Central. Already underway are Village Green at Bridgeland Central, a commercial development to be anchored by an over 100,000-square foot H-E-B, the top-ranked Texas-based grocery store, and a 49,000-square-foot, three-story mass timber office building, the first of its kind in the Greater Houston area. Additionally, Chevron’s acquisition of a substantial parcel of land is the first signal that businesses are focused on Bridgeland, which will increase job opportunities for the region. When complete, Bridgeland Central will offer area residents a centralized location that offers plenty of opportunities for shopping, dining, entertainment, housing options as well as 1.5 jobs for every rooftop in Bridgeland.

At fifth in the nation, Bridgeland will continue to grow and thrive as an exceptional place to live, work and play.