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In another exciting acknowledgment of Bridgeland’s commitment to industry-leading development, it recently received special recognition at the Water Innovation Strategies of Excellent (WISE) Awards, granted by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC)!

The HGAC is an association of local governments across 13 counties in Southeast Texas that helps to solve and provide solutions for area-wide problems, innovation, and more.

Bridgeland was recognized for its planning and policy in the incorporation of green infrastructure and low impact development design concepts for Bridgeland Creek Parkway sections 7 and 8. These new boulevard sections are a part of Prairieland Village, Bridgeland’s next phase of development located west of the Grand Parkway. As a part of Prairieland Village’s “green initiative” storm water management system, these infrastructural updates serve the area east of future Peek Road to the Grand Parkway (99) and west of future Peek Road.

This project adheres to Howard Hughes’ desire to embrace a sustainable and low impact design philosophy throughout the community. The benefits of a sustainable and “green initiative” design are meant to be an enhancement to the neighborhood and its characteristics.

An ever-present element in the development of the community, environmentally-friendly design is imperative for efficiency and sustainability, especially in an area that receives so much rain. Bridgeland’s recognition from the WISE Awards honors the “green initiative” meant to cleanse and reduce pollutants in storm water runoff. Beyond this, benefits of these infrastructural innovations include an increase in the amount of storm water infiltration and recharge.

Ultimately, some of the goals established included: maintained prairieland theming and characteristics; minimized increase in impervious area and plan for future potential road widening; minimized conventional storm water management (i.e..: pipes, inlets); and maximized use of Best Management Practices for infiltration, improved water quality and storage benefits.

As Bridgeland continues to grow and develop Prairieland Village, the community will continue to value innovation and environmentally-focused development practices. Responsible development ensures not only longevity but also consistency with other areas within Bridgeland. With years of development still ahead, Bridgeland will continue designing and building with future impact and the environment in mind.

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