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Choosing where to buy a new home when you have school-aged children is equally as important as the kind of home you choose with all of its special features.

One of Bridgeland’s greatest attributes is its on-site educational campus that is easily seen from Grand Parkway and comprised of Wells Elementary School, Bridgeland High School and a middle school planned for the near future. The current middle school used by Bridgeland students, Smith Middle School, sits adjacent to Cypress Ranch High School along Fry Rd. And an additional elementary school which serves the community, Pope Elementary, sits on the north side of the community alongside North Bridgeland Lake Parkway and was the first on-site campus introduced in Bridgeland.

Recent school standings were released by the Texas Education Agency for all school districts in the state. The agency gathers information from performance results on standardized tests like the STARR, and the percentage of graduating seniors in each district. It measures schools by three criteria.

Student Achievement: how much students know by the end of the year

School Progress: how students perform over time compared with other schools and

Closing the Gap: how well different populations of students within the district are performing

Roughly $10,847 from the budget is allocated annually toward each of the 116,246 students that attend school in the Cy-Fair district. While the district as a whole scored well with a strong B, Bridgeland schools scored exceptionally well as compared with all others in the district and state.

Within Cy-Fair, all levels of education serving Bridgeland scored at the top of the rating chart. There are 56 elementary schools in our district. Pope Elementary had the highest ranking, along with Sampson Elementary, each receiving a 97. Wells Elementary also earned an A with a score of 93. Smith Middle School achieved the highest ranking among all 18 middle schools in the district earning a score of 96. Following suit, the highest-ranking high school among the 12 in Cy-Fair ISD was Bridgeland High School, earning a score of 95.

Bridgeland High School scored higher than all other schools in the state or district for Meeting Grade Level standards and above on the 2017-2018 Campus STARR report. It also had the highest percentage of At Masters Grade Level for all but two of the measured subjects. It is important to note that because it is a new school and only two grades existed at the time of these rankings, Bridgeland was measured by only grade 9 and 10.

The grades denote that our schools are serving our students by encouraging high academic achievement and their ability to prepare them for success beyond high school. That’s a big positive, not only for the students, school and community, but for families seeking a home with a top-notch schools.

You can examine more detailed performance and demographic information by visiting