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Part of Bridgeland’s masterful design is to incorporate creative, artful spaces inviting residents to interact with their surroundings and engage with nature.

One way we are reminded of this is on the sectional signage within both villages. In Lakeland Village, a heron icon accompanies the section name. Once you cross Bridgeland Creek Parkway and enter Parkland Village, the icon changes to a dragonfly.

Bridgeland Dragon Fly Park Rendering


It made sense to conceptualize a larger-than-life-sized dragonfly for the centerpiece of the children’s park, aptly named Dragonfly Park, which is located in front of the Parkland Activity Center. Construction of the centerpiece is now underway.

This custom built, one-of-a-kind structure was made for aspiring climbers. From the tip of its dipping tail to the top of its body, children can let their imaginations take them to new heights.

Wooden posts emulating cattails are integrated so that the dragonfly appears to be nestled in its natural environment. Rope climbers will be added to simulate reeds and bulrushes, fully integrating the structure in a play-like habitat.

Children will delight to find the oversized insect is as colorful as the real thing. Its components are also similar to real dragonflies as the structure will have four wings. A colorful pallet of pastel will cover the body or thorax and two hindwings, while the monkey bars will create a pattern within the forewings.

Bridgeland Dragon Fly Park Rendering Exterior Back
Bridgeland Dragon Fly Park Construction Progress Aerial


Incorporating works of art and artful design will be another hallmark of this award-winning master planned community. The Bridgeland landscape is already seeing an infusion of art and color: at the development’s entry along Grand Parkway, residents and guests are greeted with a grand expression of the Texas prairie with the addition of the crimson colored Windgrass sculpture; the swings that hang from colorful iron trees that light up at night in Kaleidoscope Point can be seen adjacent to Hidden Pass Bridge; and even the red chairs on the event lawn in Josey Lake inviting passersby to sit and take in the views of the water add pops of color to the community landscape.

The Parkland Activity Center will add to this growing theme with an infusion of color from the stained glass awning, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, that will cover its entrance walkway. Maintaining the village’s architectural theme of Prairie School of Architecture, visitors to the activity center will be treated to a light show of color and pattern that will shift in position and intensity depending on the time of day. As the sunlight passes through the colorful glass panels of the cantilevered canopy, a dramatic and colorful pattern will spill onto the walkway welcoming residents and visitors with artistic flair. Completion of Parkland Village’s new amenity center is expected sometime this summer.

By constantly striving to imagine what is possible, Howard Hughes is creating spaces with imagination and purpose. It’s this kind of attention to detail and thoughtful planning that add to the uniqueness of Bridgeland and make it such a beautiful place to live.