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Living life in a park comes into full perspective in Parkland Village. Just a short 5-minute walk approximately one-quarter mile from every home brings you to a park or green space. Giving residents ample opportunities to get out and explore nature and the neighborhood is what living in Bridgeland is all about. And now, the neighborhood of Palo Duro Canyon is host to the community’s newest addition – Elements Park.

Elements Park Bridgeland

The basis of design of Elements Park incorporates geometric shapes and one of the first things you notice is that the park is designed in a circle. Within the framework of this circle are many square shapes in an assortment of sizes, colors and textures. Some can be moved, others can be used to sit upon, and some are just the right height for climbing on and jumping off! Even the rubber surface of the park ties into the theme of shapes by using squares as a design element.

This park presents children with two unique play features not found in our other community parks. The first is a rotating carousel designed for a child in a wheelchair as well as large seats for sharing with friends, so everyone can enjoy a whirlwind ride. You’ll even find a miniature version of the flying swings at Elements Park, so friends can sail in the breeze taking in 360-degree views of the area.

The main climbing feature offers an elevated view of the park and gives three choices of slides to slip back down. Two picnic tables under a shade awning make a perfect setting for lunch at the park, and the kid-sized corn hole game will offer some competitive fun amongst friends. The park is buffered by a tree line on either side, creating a little oasis for neighborhood kids and their friends.

While Elements Park provides an abundance of fun, it’s also an example of how The Howard Hughes Corporation incorporates educational components while also offering residents opportunities to linger longer outside, engage the outdoors, and focus on health and wellness. The park’s name pays homage to Euclid, the father of geometry and his most influential book on the study of mathematics titled, The Elements. Look for an informational panel explaining more about Euclid who lived more than 2300 years ago and the geometry we still learn in school today.

Taking a short walk or bike ride will lead you to an array of parks for an afternoon of fun. As construction continues in Parkland Village, we encourage you to keep exploring these little gems; approximately 18 parks will be found when the village is complete. And with construction underway in Prairieland Village, residents will continue to find even more exciting parks to explore – all within one-quarter mile from every home.