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Graduating seniors from Bridgeland and Waller High Schools walked across the stage to receive their diplomas at the end of the 2024 school year — an acknowledgement of four years of studying, testing, and enrichment. For those students with dreams to attend a college or university, the costs associated with getting a higher education continue to escalate. Now in its fifth year, Howard Hughes is pleased to continue its scholarship program as part of its HHCares program, an initiative that supports and volunteers with over 180 charitable causes in the Houston region, every year. Awarding $2,500 scholarships to two graduating seniors from Bridgeland High School and two graduating seniors from Waller High School, Howard Hughes is helping to strengthen educational opportunities beyond the boundaries of our community. Students at Bridgeland High School and Waller High School were not required to be a Bridgeland resident to apply.

Bridgeland and Waller High Schools offer their students numerous types of classes for exploration, setting students up for success along a chosen path upon graduation. The four recipients of this year’s scholarships highlight the diverse range of study students have at these schools. One of the recipients from Bridgeland High School was Brooke Ficalora. As the subject of tens of thousands of her mom’s photographs, Brooke learned that perspective is an important balance between the bigger picture and the miniscule details. Learning to use perspective will empower her to overcome obstacles and thrive in unfamiliar environments as she studies Marketing at University of Arkansas’ Walton College of Business.

Pictured: Danelly Segura, Melanie Castro, Arianna Yarrish, & Brooke Ficalora, with Jim Carman and Lona Shipp from Howard Hughes.

Another Bridgeland recipient, Arianna Yarrish knew from the first time her friend introduced her to the world of animation, that she wanted to be part of the art form. Recognizing that success is born not only of talent, but also of hard work and perseverance, Arianna will apply this and all she learns from Savannah College of Art when working in the animation and entertainment business as she brings her illustrations to life.

The two scholarship recipients from Waller High School also have distinct aspirations. Danelly Segura plans to study Criminology and Psychology at Texas State University. Citing her mother as her hero, inspiration, and motivation, Danelly will remember the obstacles her mother overcame as she chases her own dream of one day working for the FBI. Living by the words her fifth-grade teacher instilled in her, Melanie Castro knows that knowledge can never be taken from you. Desiring to advocate for patients’ well-being in their most vulnerable moments, Melanie will study nursing at Prairie View A&M. The $2,500 scholarships will help to lessen the financial burden of the costs associated with attending college, allowing these students to pursue their dreams.

In addition to these deserving recipients from Bridgeland and Waller High Schools, Howard Hughes also awards scholarships to several graduating seniors in high schools that serve its surrounding Houston-area communities of The Woodlands and The Woodlands Hills as well as local community colleges. In all, Howard Hughes has awarded 32 scholarships this year, and we applaud all graduates for their steadfast desire to acquire knowledge in their chosen field of study.