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Established in 2020, coordinating with the first graduating class from Bridgeland High School, The Howard Hughes Corporation began a program to award two graduating students with a $2,500 scholarship. As Bridgeland continues to grow and is now building homes located in Waller Independent School District, the program also includes awarding scholarships to two graduating students from Waller High School.

This year’s recipients exemplify how our top-rated schools are producing students with vision, compassion, and motivation to set and achieve goals. Both schools offer an array of programs, clubs and extra-curricular activities so that students can determine, through these experiences, which path aligns with their interests to further study in college. Each of the recipients are members of the National Honor Society at the very top of their class. They are a testament to the vast learning opportunities offered at both high schools.

Knowing since he was 5 that he wanted to be a filmmaker, Michael Burns studies films and screen-plays from notable filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino and Guillermo Del Toro. He’ll be majoring in Film Production at Arizona State University, further cementing his dreams of having a successful career in the movie industry.

Burns finished Bridgeland High School with a 6.6 GPA. He’s learned that becoming a leader requires active listening, effective communication and integrity. These life skills were sharpened in Journalism class, as editor of the school newspaper and in his position on the Superintendent’s Student Leadership Advisory Council. He’s taken the initiative, through online classes, to study fiction writing, cinematography, videography and filmmaking and continues to investigate editing software. This scholarship will lighten the burden of out-of-state tuition so he can attend a school with a strong film production program.

Anaya Dozier worked hard to graduate Bridgeland High School with a 6.4 GPA. In the fall she’s headed to Louisiana State University to study Political Science and minor in Psychology. As the first generation in her family to attend college, her future plans are as lofty as her GPA and include continuing her education in law school, eventually becoming a judge. 

Dozier has demonstrated leadership through an assortment of clubs, sports, and marching band, as well as through her volunteerism with the National Speech and Debate Association, Cypress Assistance Ministries, and holding book drives for Cy-Hope. She stayed busy over summers working 35 hours per week.

Inspired by Coretta Scott King’s persistence to never stop fighting for what she believed in, Dozier pledges when she wakes up every day, she will fight [through her struggles] to have a good day. With three kids in the family going to school at the same time, this scholarship will be a big help towards paying her tuition.

Graduating fourth in his class from Waler High School with a GPA of 4.7, Blake Green will study computer science at Southern Methodist University. As a software engineer, he will strive to use his knowledge to create software that’s impactful for modern life, saving time and money, while keeping data safe.

Green has been involved in a number of school clubs, such as Robotics and UIL Academics, and numerous organizations that benefit the community, including Mu Alpha Theta, providing math help to student peers, and scouting. For his Eagle Scout project, he created a butterfly garden at his former elementary school, so students could have an outdoor space where they could learn about nature.

Inspired by the work ethic of a former teacher who worked with him online until 3 a.m., Green learned what drive and dedication really mean. He hopes to emulate this as he goes through college. The award of this scholarship is a blessing for his family of triplets, as he and his two sisters will be in college at the same time. 

Chloe Lewis aspires to be an inspiration to future young women. She’ll be attending Southern Methodist University to study Finance. She’s gained leadership skills by volunteering with the elementary school volleyball program. Lewis learned that influencing these young athletes through positive guidance helps them come out of their comfort zone to try new things. Watching them work together to achieve a common goal is both gratifying and motivating for her. 

In the top 3% of her class, with a GPA of 4.5, Lewis volunteered at the Waller courthouse, for the office of Trey Duhon, the local Chamber of Commerce, helped out with freshman events, and with a canned food drive. She also participated in volleyball and track until COVID-19 required her to get a job. While working as a waitress, it was a generous stranger who showed her compassion and taught her an important life lesson. Keep a positive mindset to remain motivated to reach your goals. Everyone has setbacks, but just keep pushing forward. The award of this scholarship will make a drastic difference in paying for her education.
The Bridgeland and Waller High School Scholarship program is part of the HHCares community-focused philanthropic funding and volunteerism program. The Howard Hughes Corporation awards scholarships to graduates in their award-winning Houston-area communities, including Bridgeland, The Woodlands and The Woodlands Hills. It congratulates Mike Burns, Anaya Dozier, Blake Green and Chloe Lewis, and all the graduates from Bridgeland and Waller High Schools. We wish them every success as they set off for college to fulfill their dreams.