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Parents seeking an enrichment program to support or enhance their children’s math and reading classes will soon find a solution just around the corner. Kumon, the internationally known math and reading program is coming to Lakeland Village Center.

Education is a major emphasis in Bridgeland, with highly rated schools serving as a cornerstone in our community. And now, Bridgeland is pleased to add the successful enrichment program that focuses on the academic needs of Bridgeland families and students.

The program was founded in 1958 by Toru Kumon, a math teacher who understood that having an edge in learning higher-level math concepts starts with a strong foundation. He created worksheets, beginning with the basics, that his son completed every day. Having commitment to complete the worksheets each day ultimately gave his son the ability to solve advanced math problems at an early age.

Today, Kumon’s math program still uses worksheets that are individualized for each student. The program requires students to work independently for 30 minutes per day. Daily practice helps build confidence so students can advance their skills, improve concentration and boost critical thinking.

A program for reading was started in 1991 and uses the same individualized approach. As in math, Kumon’s reading method starts with the basics. Beginning with phonics, the program works toward improving student’s reading comprehension skills.

Sometimes a student needs a little encouragement to overcome a huge obstacle. With the Kumon method, learning is made fun so students can build confidence in their skills and achieve their academic goals. Kids master concepts at their own pace before being introduced to new ones, with many studying above grade level. Classes are offered for students as young as 3-years old through high school.

Millions of students across the world have benefited from the proven and perfected techniques taught as part the Kumon program. The first center in the United States opened in 1983. Kumon now has over 400,000 students enrolled in over 2,200 centers across the U.S., and the Bridgeland location will be the 17th location in the Greater Houston area.

Currently under construction, Bridgeland’s Kumon Center will be within walking distance for many residents. Located in Lakeland Village Center, Kumon joins the following retailers: CVS Pharmacy®, F45 Training, Active Life Dentistry, Athletistry Performing Arts, Bridgeland Fine Wines, Best Brains, Chilosos Taco House, Cypress Endodontics, Envoy Mortgage, Cy Ranch Vision, Great Clips, Exquisite Premier Salon & Spa, L3 Craft Coffee, Le Macaron, Local Bar, Local Table, Marble Slab Creamery, Nails of America, Select Physical Therapy, and Shaka Power Yoga.

Look for the opening of Kumon this January at 10615 Fry Rd., Suite B2-200.

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