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The “Stay at Home, Work Safe” order required us to remain home and had some of us feeling a little cooped up. Being together with family and doing creative things is fun, but every now and then, it’s necessary to get outside and enjoy fresh air and open space.

In Bridgeland, residents have access to a growing list of amenities that integrate the outdoors with everyday life. Even when the governor’s mandate closed play parks, basketball courts, dog parks and exercise gyms, residents were out and about enjoying their big backyard that consists of 3,000 acres of open space and an extensive hike and bike trail system.

Walking paths link Lakeland Village and Parkland Village and connect with scenic trails through historic Cypress Creek Nature Trail, House Hahl Trail and around our main waterway feature, Josey Lake. The multi-faceted, meaningful land use gave residents an avenue to maintain social distancing, while still exercising and enjoying the immediate surroundings.

“I like to get outside a lot, and there are lots of ways to do that here in Bridgeland,” said resident Bruce Ruhlin. “Before the quarantine, I alternated between going to the fitness center, swimming at the lap pool and running or biking on the trails. During the quarantine, I found myself biking on the wooded trails and paddling in the kayak a lot more.”

Bridgeland offers so many opportunities to explore the great outdoors while keeping a safe distance from others. At any time of day, you can see residents enjoying a brisk morning jog to a leisurely sunset walk. Many families are riding bikes together, and just like the families of ducks in our lakes, the little ones follow in tow behind mom or dad. In Bridgeland, going outside for a walk doesn’t just mean walking up and down streets or sidewalks. Instead, you can meander along miles of interconnecting pathways that can take you to the water’s edge or over bridges that lead to wooded trails.

Johnny B. Holloway frequently posts about adventures with his children on the Bridgeland News Facebook page. In one post, he remarked that he was grateful to be quarantined in Bridgeland and had asked other residents if they agreed. “We went for a 10-mile bike ride – never left the community – or saw the same things twice,” Holloway shared.

Cesar Lili relocated his family to Bridgeland from California two years ago. He was looking for a home close to work with a good school system. Seeing all the bicycles parked outside of Pope Elementary School is what sold him on Bridgeland. “I wanted to live in a place where we’d have access to outdoor activities.” He recently posted a picture of his family on the banks of Cypress Lake. Each day during quarantine, they spent time fishing together. “It helped us to forget about why we were stuck in the house and reminded us we are part of a community,” Lili remarked.

Connecting with your family and nature to bring balance to your life is easy when living in the #1-selling community in Houston and in Texas. When you buy a home in Bridgeland, access to the great outdoors is right at your doorstep. Learn more here about the abundant outdoor adventures that can be found in Bridgeland.