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When a pipeline easement runs through the development, what do you do? Bridgeland’s developer faced this very question. In the spirit of utilizing land for maximum potential, Howard Hughes Corporation has taken a large parcel of land marked as a pipeline easement and through creative planning, invented a new way for residents to utilize the outdoor space.

Bridgeland is proud to introduce Parkland Common. A mile-long linear trail system that will connect residents to the educational village at the north end of Parkland Village. The easement occupies a stretch of land extending from Tuckerton Rd. to Mason Rd., providing safe passage for residents as they traverse Parkland Village.

Believing that masterful design can shape how people live and elevate the everyday, this tract of land is currently being transformed into a social, public space. North and southbound walking paths within Parkland will weave their way into Parkland Common as it winds through the village. It will give parents and children the ability to safely walk to and from Bridgeland’s highly acclaimed schools with friends and neighbors. The 12-foot wide, treelined path will intersect only two streets making the journey to and from the educational village as safe as possible.

In an effort to encourage residents to get outside and linger longer, the pedestrian pathway will have two main playground areas while also incorporating five workout stations so that residents of all ages can enjoy outdoor fun and fitness.

Kinetic Park will be located nearer to the schools, and as its name suggests, will be designed for active play. On their way home from school, children will be able to climb and play on a variety of structures meant for greater activity.

Monarch Park, envisioned as a more passive park, will be located at the opposite end of Parkland Common. This colorful park will have three unique features: a shade structure; a butterfly garden with a colorful array of pollinating plants to provide a healthy habitat; and Bridgeland’s first Viking swing. The large swing will be a fun way for many friends to swing together while enjoying the outdoors.

By envisioning the best use of space and creating a culture of living well, residents can interact with each other and nature. This walkway truly connects people with the outdoors. Parkland Common adds to the growing list of visionary amenities offered in Bridgeland that enrich the lives of all who live here.