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Attributes of Bridgeland that homeowners find appealing are easy walkability and sense of connectedness. A traditional neighborhood design (TND) emphasizes these notions and is what has made Parkland Square such a desirable neighborhood in which to live. So popular, in fact, that David Weekley Homes will be bringing another TND to Parkland Village.

The award-winning neighborhood is the model for which Parkland Row will be designed. Located near the intersection of Fry Road and Tuckerton Road, Parkland Village’s second TND will incorporate a centralized park and a lake element for residents to connect with their community and engage with nature. Like Parkland Square, Parkland Row is designed with sustainability foremost in mind.

“Parkland Square drew a tremendous response to Bridgeland and sold out earlier this year, and we expect the same for Parkland Row,” said Heath Melton, Executive Vice President of MPC Residential for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “Not only will Parkland Row bring a sought-after architectural style and neighborhood design to Bridgeland, but it will continue the path forward for The Howard Hughes Corporation as responsible stewards of the environment with sustainable, forward-thinking design, and a focus on health and wellness. This project will build on our previous success and lead the way forward to further integrate the residential experience with the surrounding ecosystem.”

Parkland Row will feature 288 homesites with all homes built by David Weekly, known for their energy efficient homes. Ranging from 1,400 to 3,400 square feet, architecture in Parkland Row will be Modern Farmhouse and Modern Prairie, mimicking home styles in Parkland Square. Designed to encourage community engagement, the community consists of well-connected streets and pathways and will incorporate features to make the neighborhood walkable to future schools, shopping, and public spaces. Centrally located Adventurous Park will give residents the ability to spend more time outdoors enjoying shared amenities like a dog park, playground, large lawn and event pavilion for fitness classes and neighborly outdoor get-togethers.

Recently awarded a Sustainability Star by West Houston Association, the sustainable features used in the design of Parkland Square are being replicated in Parkland Row. Embraced by residents, the community concept has become a model for future development. A low-impact development, Parkland Row will utilize innovative technology to deposit cleaner water into storm drains that lead to creeks and streams. Signage within the community will serve to educate residents about the natural process of rain gardens and how captured stormwater is used to irrigate green spaces.

In Parkland Row, street names will end with “ous” such as Adventurous, Joyous, Marvelous, and Courteous, to compliment street names found in Parkland Square that end in “ion” such as Celebration, Admiration, Fascination, and Jubilation.

No matter the street on which you choose to live, these Modern Farmhouse and Modern Prairie homes, paired with the walkability and amenities of the community, make this an excellent, family-friendly destination for homebuyers to start their next chapter. Get started by viewing one of the Model Homes in Parkland Square to find out how you can make Parkland Row in Bridgeland your new home. Parkland Row Model Homes are anticipated to be complete in winter 2022.

Bridgeland David Weekley Parkland Square 35
Bridgeland Parkland Square Model David Weekley 50'