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Summer is just around the corner and so is a new park that was recently unveiled in Parkland Village. Along Summer Camp Drive between the neighborhoods of Big Bend Ranch, and Pedernales Falls, this colorful new park adds to Bridgeland’s more than 70 existing parks. Set behind a small grove of trees that will add a buffer as they mature, it’s aptly named Summer Camp Park.

Bright colors from the blues and greens in the soft-fall rubber surface and the apparatus frames to the yellow and orange slides and climbing rungs help to remind you of water, sunshine and summertime. The park offers fun and engaging structures for a wide span of ages. At one end, small climbers under the age of five will find a play structure that allows them to climb, crawl, slide, and balance. A small picnic table is incorporated into the structure, so friends can pause playing to have a little snack in the shade.

Summer Camp Park includes swings for infants as well as tweens, and a swing and spinners that are ADA compliant and will accommodate a transfer from a wheelchair, so everyone can enjoy a day at the park. Older kids ages 5 to 12 will enjoy countless hours of fun on a larger climbing structure that will test strength and dexterity, with climbing nets, agility bars, and balance discs, and whose supports appear to spring up from the blue surface resembling spouts from a water fountain.

At the other end of the park, an interactive climbing hill was incorporated into the layout, giving children numerous opportunities to climb up, including a rock wall, giving them a bird’s eye view of the park. What goes up, must come down, and so children have the choice to slide down a roller slide or traditional slide, take the steps, or maybe have a race running down the ramp along the backside of the park. A lawn area provides space for additional play like frisbee or tag.

While the kids play and explore the park, orange Adirondack chairs will give parents a place to observe from a distance. A covered picnic area in keeping with the architectural style of the village gives parkgoers a beautiful space for picnicking to enjoy their lunch. If you decide to bring Fluffy to the park, the water fountain also includes a dog drinking station, and racks are available to stow a bike for those who ride over to the park. Surrounded by gardens that are planted with native pollinator loving plants, Summer Camp Park adds another park space in Parkland Village that’s been carefully curated for resident enjoyment.