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With a clear purpose to build master planned communities dedicated to sustainable land use, Howard Hughes Holdings Inc. continues to blaze trails in environmental stewardship. Trailblazing, the term once associated with those who set off to settle the great western wilderness, takes on a new meaning as it applies to developing communities like Bridgeland, while resonating with homebuyers of today.

The Trailblazer Award from The Houston District Council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI-Houston)  recognizes developments and open spaces that exemplify best practices in design, construction, economic viability, healthy places, marketing, and management. On February 6, 2024, Bridgeland had the honor of receiving the notable Trailblazer Award for Chrysalis Lake at the 17th annual ULI-Houston Development of Distinction Awards ceremony.  

A panel of judges comprised of real estate experts from across the nation evaluated award finalists to determine the most compelling and innovative real estate projects in the Greater Houston region. The Trailblazer Award, a special judges’ award, recognizes Howard Hughes’ commitment to sustainability exhibited in the Chrysalis Lake project. The judges were impressed with the dedication of the development team and the ultimate quality of the project through their sustainability efforts and community education. By highlighting Chrysalis Lake, the judges praised the project as an example of a best practice in the industry. A practice that Howard Hughes hopes will be emulated by other developers as we work toward being better stewards of the environment.

In speaking of why Chrysalis Lake was the 2024 winner of the Trailblazer award, Anne Cummins, Chief Operating Officer for Gattuso Development Partners and one of the awards judges summed it up by saying, “Everything they’ve done has been done through the lens of how this is going to impact the environment in a positive way.”

Bridgeland also received Special Recognition for Chrysalis Lake from The Houston-Galveston Area Council’s (H-GAC) annual Parks and Natural Areas Awards. Established in 2006, the Parks and Natural Areas awards program highlights best practices and innovative approaches to parks planning and implementation around the region.

Located in Bridgeland’s Prairieland Village just west of Grand Parkway, Chrysalis Lake uses a comprehensive approach to Low Impact Development (LID) design features such as bioswales and multiple stages of water cleansing, improving the quality of stormwater runoff, as well as air quality.  Improving water quality through biofiltration creates healthy habitats for ecosystems, improves ambient temperature, and quality of life for residents, insects and animals. The development project of Chrysalis Lake exceeded what is expected when meeting ecological and environmental challenges.

Bridgeland Prairieland Village - Chrysalis Lake

Bridgeland’s third village incorporates eight bioswale flumes that cleanse approximately 29 million gallons of rainwater each year. Surrounding Chrysalis Lake, upland forests and bottom meadows benefit hundreds of different species of animals and insects that depend on the ecosystem that has been created. Encouraging both active and passive engagement with nature, residents can relax and recharge through physical activity such as fishing, hiking and boating as well as spaces for quiet moments to improve mental wellbeing, such as lakeside overlooks for bird watching and sunset gazing. An extensive hike and bike trail system with interpretive learning nodes ribbon through Chrysalis Lake and the community, encouraging residents to learn more about the lake’s function and habitat. A trail undercrossing will link Chrysalis Lake to the 925-acre Bridgeland Central providing additional connections for community engagement.

Utilizing a strategic mix of plants to help combat declining pollinator populations and a combination of perennial grasses to encourage resiliency against the region’s harsh swings from flood to drought, our landscaping enhances biodiversity and quality of life for all its inhabitants.

By combining innovative environmental sustainability with recreation to bridge nature with development, Chrysalis Lake embodies Bridgeland’s commitment to green infrastructure. Howard Hughes and Bridgeland are honored to receive recognition for Chrysalis Lake and will continue to surpass development standards for a premier living environment for its resident, plant, and animal communities.