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If you’ve driven across the Hidden Pass Bridge recently, you’ve noticed Seuss-like trees that were “planted” on the peninsula that extends into Josey Lake on the east side of the bridge. We are excited about this whimsical addition to the community and it gives residents another opportunity to get outdoors and play! Kaleidoscope Point, the latest park located in Hidden Creek and the final element of Lakeland Village Park, is now open and being enjoyed by our residents.

The fanciful structures adorned by tire swings anchor the park and also serve as a landmark, adding a public art flair. The tree-like structures are painted in marine-grade paint ensuring they will withstand the extremes of the Texas environment. The playful colors of red, blue and green appear to have been plucked straight from a child’s crayon box and add a bit of whimsy to the natural landscape. Special lighting has been installed so the park may be enjoyed in the evenings as well.

Kaleidoscope Point is easily accessible from the walking and bicycling path that encircles Josey Lake. Once there, bikes can be stowed in the bike racks. Residents can enjoy a picnic lunch and take in the picturesque views or watch as different bird species gather on the banks of the water.

The tire swings face different directions, offering children – of any age – who venture to take a ride on the swing, the experience of flying over the water and presenting panoramic views of Lakeland Village Park while enjoying the natural beauty of Bridgeland.