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Bridgeland’s master plan calls for having every home within one-quarter mile from a park or green space, making outdoor activity easily accessible and walkable.

Parks are designed around themes and if your do a little exploring, you can find an amazing array of places to play from more passive concepts like the maze garden in The Cove, to places like Treehouse Park which gives the opportunity for more active and imaginative play.

You’ll begin to see many new parks popping up within Parkland Village. One of the recently completed parks is Hillside Park, which is nestled within the neighborhood of Monument Hill. It’s incorporated into the side of hill where children are able to climb, slide, stretch and balance in an assortment of ways to go up and down without using traditional steps. A simulated racetrack surrounds a live oak tree that will offer shade to the amenity as it grows. A watering station and a pavilion with picnic tables are located at the top of the hill offering parents an elevated observatory to keep an eye on their active climbers.

Kinetic Park is located within the neighborhood of Meridian and has many climbing structures including a large webbed funnel resembling a galactic wormhole. It is situated along Parkland Common, the pipeline easement that was turned into a linear park. There are several exercise stations along its path, much like House & Hahl Trail, which also offers exercise stations in a wooded setting.

Soon to open in the neighborhood of Lake Sommerville, Monarch Park includes gardens of meadow plantings to attract butterflies and other pollinators. The playground has a butterfly climbing structure and a Viking swing, the first of its kind in our area, adding a fun way for a group of friends to swing together. Several bistro tables and chairs invite you to stop and watch for migrating monarchs.

Honey Creek Park located in the neighborhood of Honey Creek, is precisely positioned with views of neighboring lakes and is estimated to open in the spring. Live Oak Park will soon be under construction; you’ll find this park within the Bonham neighborhood.

Staying cool in Bridgeland during the summer is more than easy; it’s fun! Dragonfly Park, which grand opened in August, offers 3 different pools in addition to a lazy river! The cooling doesn’t stop there, because you’ll also find a multi-level spray ground adjacent to the playground with the iconic dragonfly climbing structure. There are several more cooling grounds to explore throughout Lakeland Village. Have you experienced the water tower at Water Haven Park?  This park is three acres of water fun for those hot summer days! Over at Josey Lake, you can cool off at the misting ground. The misters look like red reeds and emit a fine mist lowering the air temperature as you walk along the path between them.

Two additional parks in Lakeland Village have recently opened. Kaleidoscope Park, a whimsical park with art-inspired tire swings, opened earlier this year. And in the neighborhood of Lakeland Heights, Town Square Park is also open. This park features a bocce ball court, pavilion with seating, open play area, and unique play structures.

As neighborhood parks continue to open in Bridgeland, there will be even more options for playing outside and observing nature. It’s as easy as going on a short adventure, one-quarter mile from your door.