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140-acres of outdoor excitement and Bridgeland’s crown jewel of coexistence, that’s Josey Lake.

Josey Lake is Bridgeland’s crown jewel — the manifestation of our community’s goal for development and nature to coexist in a responsible way that preserves, provides utility, and enhances life through outdoor connections. Plus, it’s a happening hot spot for canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, bird watching, zip lining and communing with nature in myriad other ways.

The extensive, 140-acre waterway, which took four years to develop, offers unparalleled opportunities to canoe, kayak or paddleboat on a three-mile loop. A boathouse includes space for canoe and kayak storage as well as boats to be checked out for resident use. A sky bridge over the lake leads to a two-story birding tower, complete with stationary binoculars. An events pavilion and lawn provide an incredible setting for residents to get together for movies in the park, concerts and more. A sprayground, playground-style zip line, hammock swings, and other outdoor activities create opportunities for monkey business and lasting memories.

Meadow-like plantings line the lake’s edges providing natural habitats and a preserved ecosystem for many wildlife species both native to the area and those that stop to rest and refuel as they migrate south for winter. On the shoreline, interpretative signs along a 3-mile walking trail describe the extensive ecosystem and sustainable features.

Unique and innovative in its development, scope and combination of utility and leisure, Josey Lake is a favorite destination for families and neighbors to play together and commune with nature.