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Residents of Bridgeland are welcoming the newest retail establishment to the award-winning community. Designed and constructed by Landmark Industries, Bridgeland’s Timewise Food Store and Exxon gas station is the first of its kind to be built to neighborhood specifications as a neighborhood-friendly convenience store.

Landmark Industries has served communities in the Lone Star State, beginning in Hempstead, Texas, in 1982. It owns and operates hundreds of convenience stores and gas stations under various brands across Texas, and the Bridgeland location will serve as a resource to accommodate residents of the rapidly expanding community.

The addition of Timewise brings convenience to Bridgeland residents who are on the go and easy accessibility when they find themselves needing something quickly. Running late for work and need to fill the tank in your car? The convenience of stopping for gas nearby before heading out to your destination surely lifts some of the stresses of getting to work on time. For those times when your child is running a high temperature and you find yourself without Tylenol or Motrin, having a neighborhood store right around the corner will help to reduce the worry and the fever.

“The addition of Timewise in this location allows residents to efficiently go about their daily routines,” said Jim Carman, President-Houston Region for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “With a central location and community focused design put forth by Landmark Industries, it offers our residents an added layer of convenience for everyday life that nicely complements the look and feel of Bridgeland.” 

Landmark Industries integrated neighborhood design characteristics similar to those incorporated throughout portions of the community. Bridgeland’s Timewise has a lower roof line that accentuates the horizontal. The exterior features a predominance of brick and stone in warm comfortable colors of brown and beige. These architectural nuances mimic the design features of homes within Parkland Village. At night, the building and signage is illuminated over bricks to lessen sky glow.

Patrons will notice the interior is unlike the standard Timewise model. The open ceiling concept has exposed steel girders, beams and trellises that are painted white. Together with the installation of industrial LED lamps makes the interior airy and bright.

“We are proud to open this unique take on the Timewise model and serve the residents of Bridgeland and the surrounding area,” said Kent Brotherton, Development Manager for Timewise. “With over 375 locations across Texas and growing, Timewise has become one of the Greater Houston region’s largest fuel providers, and we are proud to expand into a renowned community such as Bridgeland.” 

The Timewise Food Store and Exxon gas station is located in Parkland Village at the northwest corner of the Tuckerton Road and Mason Road intersection. Patrons who visit Bridgeland’s Timewise will find quality branded fuel, nationally branded in-store merchandise and fresh food in a clean, well-kept store served by neighborly and accommodating staff. They pride themselves on delivering friendly service, learning customer’s names and stocking items desired by the community.

Timewise food store and Exxon gas station in Bridgeland is now open seven days a week with walk in open until 12 a.m. and window service till 5 a.m. The official address is 21710 Tuckerton Rd.