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Ever wonder who brings the fun to Bridgeland? It’s Tricia Brasseaux, Bridgeland’s Senior Design Project Manager! With Bridgeland from the start, the fun stuff at Bridgeland has her prints all over it. We sat down for a little Q&A with Tricia. Her answers reflect her fun-loving personality, her powerhouse work ethic, and her passion for Bridgeland.

Tricia, in honor of Bridgeland’s 15th anniversary this month, tell us your 15 favorite community amenities? You can be specific! And, yes, we know that for you, it’s like trying to pick a favorite kid!

  1. Cypress Creek Trail because you connect with nature.
  2. Josey Lake Boat House because of all its water activities and cutting-edge architecture.
  3. Treehouse Park because it’s just cool.
  4. Water Haven Park flume because it’s a vertical fun element to the splash pad.
  5. Celebration Park dog park because of the urban edge.
  6. Festival Park pavilion because of the architecture and relaxing furniture.
  7. Lakeland Activity Center Pool slides because it’s fun going down.
  8. The trail from Treehouse to Josey Lake for its seclusion.
  9. Dragonfly Park rope swing at the pool because my teenagers love it.
  10. Cypress Creek Trail bridge because it c­onnects the community with nature and has views for miles.
  11. Hillside Park because of the sunken playground and play features down the slope.
  12. Bridgeland Creek Parkway Pedestrian Tunnel because it links the community split by a major roadway.
  13. Josey Lake Birding Tower because it connects with nature and has vast views.
  14. Kaleidoscope Point for its artistry.
  15. Kinetic Park’s large play net because it’s challenging for the older kids.

In a nutshell, what does a Senior Project Manager for Bridgeland do?

Have fun with all this acreage! I wear many hats in bringing amenities to life. Each step of the way, I ensure that the project is keeping with our vision.

How did you get interested in this career?

My background is in horticulture and landscape architecture, and I loved the outdoors growing up. Still do!

What is your superpower — the thing that makes you so great at your job?

Multi-tasking and networking.

What’s it like to see your vision become a reality?

Super fulfilling! It’s amazing to see how residents utilize the space created. I learn something new from every user.

What is the most exciting amenity you’ve completed at Bridgeland?

Treehouse Park. We used the existing live oak trees to create a whimsical yet historic space. It’s iconic to Bridgeland.

What was the most challenging?

Again, Treehouse Park. We knew building it would be a challenge because it had to be self-sustaining without any support from the tree. We used air spades to gently remove the dirt from around the roots. The footing design changed several times during the process to avoid disturbing any large roots. My architect, the renowned Dick Cate, approached the tree with such old-school reverence and respect. Dick had planned to retire, but he couldn’t turn down the Treehouse Park challenge, and this was his final project before fully retiring.

What has surprised you most about how residents interact with Bridgeland’s amenities?

How they take ownership of the amenities with all the community groups that have formed.

What are you working on now?

A lot! Several new parks and landscaping of our new village. I’m also working on a passive extension of Josey Lake and planning of two new amenity centers — one in Prairieland and Creekland Village.

Have you always been outdoorsy?

Yes, my dad was in the Air Force, so I grew up around the world with a lot of traveling and camping around Europe.  

What were your favorite subjects in school as a kid?

Math and Science.  

If you had five extra hours, how would you spend the time?

Getting more work done so I can travel more. Or maybe sleep more!

About Tricia Brasseaux

Tricia’s outdoor spaces have garnered numerous industry awards for Bridgeland and have aided it in becoming one of the top-selling communities in Texas. Tricia received her MLA from Texas A&M University after earning a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Horticulture from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. She is originally from Louisiana but resides in Katy, Texas, with her husband and two boys. Brasseaux currently serves on the board of directors for several community associations within Bridgeland as well as industry associations.