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At Howard Hughes, principles of environmental and social governance have always been part of the master plan for developing communities. “In Bridgeland — and all in all of our properties —our founding principles of stewardship are what guide us to create more sustainable communities,” said Steve Sams, Senior Vice President, MPC Residential at Howard Hughes. “We will continue to bring innovative approaches that help to uplift the lives of all community members, conservation methods to improve ecosystems, and initiatives that promote a strong social fabric.”

In Bridgeland, our sustainable design methods create ecosystems that allow local and migrating wildlife to live and thrive. By using native plants along roadsides, over 90% of heavy metals are removed from first flush of storm water. This water flows back into our lakes, making these lake waters cleaner and friendlier for its inhabitants. By planting upland forested areas that are drought tolerant, aquatic edge plantings and deep-rooted bottomland meadows, we also create healthier habitats for small mammals, waterfowl, fish and reptiles. Incorporating hike and bike trails along the lakes helps bring people and nature together, and all these elements also help to restore the Katy Prairie landscape.

The blueprint for Bridgeland complements another local organization that’s been working to restore sustainability to the natural lands in our region: The Coastal Prairie Conservancy. Founded in 1992 as the Katy Prairie Land Conservancy, it remains committed to land conservation and stewardship. Over the past 30 years, the Conservancy informs it has preserved nearly 30,000 acres of coastal prairie from the Katy Prairie to the Gulf Coast, about the size of San Francisco. Their work has created nesting areas for northern pintails, ensured stopping points for migrating birds such as sandhill cranes, and enhanced fields of milkweed and wildflowers for monarch butterflies and other migrating pollinators.


You don’t need to be a land developer or a conservancy to reduce your environmental footprint. Each of us can do things to assist our environment like using native plants in our gardens. Doing so lessens the need for water and fertilizer, reduces weeds and encourages pollinators. Are you a birdwatcher? Between December 14, 2022 and January 5, 2023, you can participate in the 123rd Christmas Bird Count with the Audubon Society. Each year, volunteers assist ornithologists and researchers in counting birds to monitor how bird populations are managing. No special expertise is required; just use the link above to register and then report on your sightings. If you’d like to help protect the prairie you can make a tax deductible donation to the Coastal Prairie Conservancy. And if you’d like a few more ideas to be environmentally conscious, you’ll find several steps you can take to make more sustainable choices here.

Using decades-long experience and masterful design, Howard Hughes advances resiliency, conservation, and inclusion throughout its communities to ensure their long-term sustainable growth. By creating healthy ecosystems, we create a healthy ecology and promote healthy communities, forward-thinking design, and unique residential and commercial experiences with an emphasis on quality of life for generations to come.