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Getting outside is as easy as a walk in the park, and with two recently added outdoor spaces, there is even more opportunity for Bridgeland residents to linger longer outside and play. Live Oak Park and Celebration Park join the ever-evolving roster of next-level amenities within Bridgeland, the number one-selling community in Texas. Both Live Oak Park and Celebration Park are found within Parkland Village where the theme of this community focuses on living within a park.

Residents are over the moon because Live Oak Park is now complete. The park offers children the opportunity to let their imaginations take them to new heights as they climb the cosmos, a main feature in this new park. Mimicking a solar system, the elements of this park revolve around a large live oak tree. A playground swing frame that resembles a rocket ship, large boulders in a gravel garden imitate an asteroid belt, swinging benches and Adirondack chairs for stargazing, and custom bike racks that drew inspiration from Saturn’s rings all support the theme of Live Oak Park.

Live Oak Park Bridgeland

Celebration Park is nearing completion and slated to open this November. The centrally located common area within Parkland Square, a traditional neighborhood design within Parkland Village, is part of a neighborhood of well-connected streets and pathways. Easily accessible from all points within Parkland Square, this new addition will encourage resident engagement.

The new community space will be accented by tables, lounge seating, gas grill installations and plug-ins for food truck activations. To help promote a close-knit community, additional amenities will keep residents connected like a large lawn for neighborly gatherings, custom play features, a dog park, and a deck area with ping pong tables. All features sit adjacent to a custom pavilion that will complement Parkland Square’s modern farmhouse and modern prairie architecture.

Parkland Square Custom Homes for Sale

This neighborhood also features 11 rain gardens that will serve to filter rain and storm run-off, highlighting Bridgeland’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Bridgeland continues to distinguish itself as a master planned community that offers homebuyers open spaces, coveted amenities, first-to-market architectural offerings and extraordinary value. Home sales are up 33% from 2019, a direct reflection of the universal appeal of the thoughtful design implemented throughout the community. It’s no wonder that Bridgeland recently joined the ranks of the top ten best-selling communities in the nation as reported by industry consultants RCLCO and was named Best Overall Community Over 600 Acres at the 2020 Texas Association of Builders Star Awards.

As the community of Bridgeland continues to grow, residents will continue to have access to beautiful outdoor spaces. Ensuring that every home in Bridgeland has easy access to and is situated less than ¼-mile away from a park or green space fosters connections between people and enhances their well-being. This blueprint is in keeping with Bridgeland’s overarching mission that also includes environmental sustainability bringing a heightened sense of our connection with nature.